Wednesday, 25 March 2009

You Who?

God is an unspeakable explosion.
A moment that cannot die.
God is that instant of freedom
The space between music
Like the infinity of John Coltrane
Or the succinct beauty of a Pollock painting,
The roaring depth and the voiceless noise
That separates heartbeats.

Is a choice.
A movement
The elegance of melody
The taste of brevity
A fresh kiss
For every new minute.

Is the mother and the son
The giving birth
And the being born
The pulse at the heart
Of a city
The sound that holds
Together a mountain.

God is living your life.
A peace outside meaning
Acting from the hip
Trusting the compass
Of your sex
Trusting the space
Between you and your senses.

God doesn’t give a fuck about ego
Or the eightfold whatevers
Or the ten holy boredoms.
God is now. A constant split second.
God…is a decision.

Do you get it?

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