Friday, 12 June 2009

The 21st Century Boys

You carry the keys.
Your secret is the seed.
You have liquid pearls
Buried in your bellies.

Your lips have no price.
To know you, is to know
A deep inward sky..

…don’t be told otherwise.


You do business as you please.
That’s your right of course.
Carve your borders in the sand.
Uncock your heart as you need.

I have my rights too:
To unpeel poems for you,
And go red with tears
Of an afternoon.


You have the dark
Hills in your eyes,
Breathing dragon smoke
In the shade,
You cool off
Lick your lips
And wait…

Thursday, 4 June 2009

My Friend

The world waits for your bite.
Like the lips of winged minstrels
Wait for the morning.
I see you the way God sees you:
Asleep with dawn’s pink flames
Across your face.
I see you as a new city.
Hot streets shadowed
In medieval spells.

I see your soul
As a vast landscape,
With a dragon glen
Through the middle
And loud rivers
And mountains that
Harbour vicious weather.

I see in you
A god-like sky
Decked out in
Endless silver,
The voice of the
Black earth
The first ever song
Before words.

Girl 2

In you hides a dark poetry
a scholar's secret
that unlocks centuries.
It is a gentle gold
like the pigment of your cheeks
framed in the black crafted curls
of your hair.

Number Two

I watch you
Like I watch
Leaves in the wind.
A gargle of life.
The way light swims
With a shadow.

Oyster Pearls

I could smell your scent in the street.
It opened up the air like the spring light.
Your voice is still that of a careful child.
Your eyes still locked away like oyster pearls.