Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tell Me You Love Me

Tell me you love me.
I don’t need you its fine.
You reinvented beauty.
I wished upon that star too.
What do you want, an apology?
It takes great strength to cry.
It’s a reason, not an excuse.

I am sexy.
I am sexy.
I am sexy.

Same old, same old.
My mind like stretched strings.
My heart like a boiled fish.
My footsteps are artless.
I’m bored of my own ambition.
Meaning is old fashioned.
God is self-indulgent.
Beauty is always alone.
Don’t get caught up in it.
You can’t swallow all of perfection.
I don’t play games.
Seriously, I’m smarter than you.
It’s how you use it that counts.
I come across blunt but that’s your problem.
I hate the word genius, it’s overused.
All men are assholes.
The Lord helps those who help themselves.
I tell it how it is.
Tell me you love me.
I saw the face of a tiger in my dream.
No one gives a fuck mate.
I love you.

Look at the state of that.
A lot of chancers in this city.
All these pinned back faces.
It’s difficult, everything changes.

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