Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Shoreline

Sometimes the currents are enraged.
Waves travel from heat through ice,
To crash against land’s damp sands.
Sometimes, when the morning breathes quiet,
The water carries birdsongs,
Patterns of light and music
Lapping on edgeless warmth.

All forms of tide are still tide
Reaching and bowing
Under the gaze of the moon.
Rock, beach or shingle,
All are shoreline,
Where borders are not demarcated,
But danced upon,
Making a violent or soft,
But always fluid, improvisation.

Friday, 27 August 2010


Your heart
Has the heat of twelve suns.
Your voice, brass,
Smooth with autumn songs.
Unwrap your wounds
To find a bright stone
Refracting laughter.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Girl Number 3

You laugh with the blossom in your lips,
Which open up like white rose petals.
Your skin moans,
Grateful for the touch of the evening light.

Our New Found Land

So autumn’s colours have now cast their vote,
A season has shed its dead ideas.
A new innocence is plump with hope,
For the last clash between utopias.
The leaves finish their dance in peace,
In the cold air on evening streets
Where children laugh, love is released,
And a new night is made where we can meet.
Songs are swallowed by the ocean’s hours,
Winter’s window is broken open.
In the test of ice we discover power,
Like the politics of a new nation.
Ours is a promise that can’t be fought for:
A thought, still untouched by war.

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Athena – eyes of copper flame
Spirit pluming gold
White skin, the whiteness of vengeance
Sculpting beauty out of madness.

As I drink shit coffee
And scratch out poems
She paints herself a mask
Unfolds her black stockings
The frills of her femininity
And her lips like scars
Kiss the cigarette.

Athena – loves like lapis lazuli
Wraps you in her Titian cloths
Her heart a church of terracotta,
Where you can stroll like Jesus
Among the garden leaves.