Saturday, 7 March 2009


I say love is all there is.
You say fuck off.
I say peace be with you.
You say gimme a break.
I say ‘morning beautiful.’
You say leave me alone.

I could say anything
And you wouldn’t listen.
You would argue with a smile
If you had to.
Give up late night dances
with your thoughts.
Breath in life that knows no death.
Inhale and taste truth.

You are a crisp diamond.
The light of surprises refracted.
Close your eyes to the dark
Relax, be ready for morning’s kiss.
Watch the clouds collapse into colours
And listen for the stars’ last prayers.

And watch yourself.
Watch your heart rise and move
In its dawning rhythm
Breaking from old ideas
And its confusing myths.
Watch wisdom push and pull
In the lungs of life.
Watch all of it.

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