Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Your photographs

Everything discarded
Your books, your records.
It's all at last released 
Charitably unburdened.

Except, though, your photographs.

All memories embittered
The afternoons of laughter.
Coffee, rain and records
Loyalties hungover.

All, just not your photographs.

We said we loved as artists.
Not lip-synched by a  kiss
Not cemented by bodies.
It was all bullshit.

But not your photographs.

Pirate heartbeats still
Pledge beauty's booty shared.
But titillation's thrill
Strips genius bare.

However, not your photographs.

When I come across your footprints
I reclaim it all with dust.
Smear away the graphite
Dirtied with a curse.

Of course
Your photographs. 

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