Friday, 15 February 2013

The truth is I understand you.

The truth is I understand you.
Your bite and your sneer
And your perfectionist rage.
I understand why you deploy beauty
Like a fleet of bombers.
I get it, how you have to keep
The world at a whip's length
And how in the absence of strength
Your fingernails and teeth will
Have to do.

Somewhere along the lines
You learned to grip tight,
To perform with bitter lips
The way some alcoholics
Become achievement addicts.
It's not hatred of men.
You make out like a chauvinist
Just for convenience,
It keeps the seas parted.

The way you say, 'fuck you'
Is sexy, not because I'm a masochist,
Not because tearing the world an arse hole
Day after day is good practice,
Or becoming of a bitch.
No. It's because
If it's a choice between you and the abyss
You always choose you.
And that's more than I could ever do.

Maybe I never loved you.
Maybe it wasn't compassion.
Maybe it had fuck all to do
With damsels, distresses
And white knight complexes.
Maybe I just understood you.

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