Thursday, 27 September 2012


This was my cruelty: to collar you
With my loneliness like a necklace.
The prison of a princess
You always resisted.

To love you is to force the issue.
To inflict affections, press you down
with light, when you prefer a rage
Of autumn's rain to drench the sun,
Or lips of leather numb on your stomach.

I have seen your yellowness however.
And watched the very place
Where your unstoppable mind
Breaks upon a beach of tectonic sands.

Yes. I have trespassed you, your body,
The politics of lines that wrap your figure,
The conflicted highground
Infuriating your beauty.

But a conquest of eyes is nothing,
Just maybe a battle cry of dreams.
Perception getting overzealous
At the passing chance of a feast.

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