Monday, 18 May 2009

You Will Want Me Then

When you wake up
With that furious dream
Hot still in your head
You will want me then.

And you will need
A very gallant fool,
A plain-spoken knight
To paint your roses
Red again.

You’ll call out
For a white-plated boy,
With Eyes like heaven’s weapons,
Fresh-born and laughing,
Sinless – the naked heart
Of a lamb.

You’ll need an untamed foal
With a long enough ragged mane,
The warm scent of God in his skin
And an innocent temper that
Will not buckle with age
But remain restless and brave.

Whether in bloody streets
Or ghoulish woods
You will need something
To stand between you
And the devil’s moon.
You will need a friend
Who has sun-spurts for hair,
And precious spirits
At his fingertips.

You will need me then.
And will I come running?

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