Tuesday, 24 February 2009



In a dusty corner of Cadiz
I find you fighting for my dreams.
I am aging under the heat of business,
While you are frozen peacefully
With victory in your marble eyes.

I can only cry swallowed tears,
A weak rage at your feet.
I can’t cast a shape on your name
Or hope to purple history
With my blood,

If you have already conquered
God’s palace, immortal,
A legend of blond colours.

Blue Rain

Greek gods sway in the trees
And ghosts hiss like snakes.
Values drift in the drains
And loneliness rattles on bin lids.

Behind closed doors
Rich men snort pride off bellies,
Their muscles tight
In the hungry light.
Boys and girls huddle up closes
Drunk like forgotten cattle
Nursing their baby screams.
Everywhere the great spider,
Wasted thoughts
Buried under pillows.
Everywhere a web of patterns,
Passions trapped, in wet metal railings,
In the city’s growl, and the capped glow
Of souls.

So hours get disused
And tossed in corners,
Sheltering on sodden cobbles
Under dank stones and rock shadows.
The world rested in the piss
Of its own cleverness
Making loud sarcasms,
Addicted to comedy and orgasms,
Smug in its complexity
Like a sewer,
A labyrinth of smells, sickness
And muck.

And all the while
The blue rain batters.
Scatters a relentless cloud
Of noise and sadness,
A pouring grief
Washing from the sky
In a tireless grace.

Montgomery Street Blues

An evening chaos.
Various rhythms colliding.
Someone’s guitar practice.
Blonde on Blonde in the kitchen,
Upstairs, Jazz trumpets.
Outside the wind moves in brushstrokes.
The trees grin with caresses
The sad clouds and damp stones
Are getting impatient.
The street is cloaked in
Clockwork noises,
The smell of frying onions lingers.
Children, businessmen
And girls in frocks pass
Relieved at the
Day’s exodus.

Angel Voice

Where did you come from angel voice?
Stripped from the human soul
Like a new bark?

A sharp and sly poetry
Your guitar like barbed wire,
Chords that cut through
Old wood and medieval dust

Tell me, where did you find those wings?
From which feathered sky did you
Steal that song?
Where did you come from,
Fierce and full of flight?

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